Updated: August 2020

hey 👋

I’m Jasraj. Or, Jas, for short.

I was born & raised in SW London and I left the city in 2015, after somehow ending up there. I’ve been blogging ever since I left. (Here’s one of the first pieces I shared with the world).

I’m passionate about all things indie, the freedom that comes with it & the joys of making $ from your soulful creations 🙌

Going from being employed -> self-employed is one of the best things I ever did.

And being able to make an income as an independent writer is one of the most exciting things in the world to me. Seriously. What a time to be alive.


Twitter - @AnIndieAuthor and @Jasraj0.

Email - an.indie.author@gmail.com

what to expect

2019: I started sharing interviews

- I decided to create The Indie Author book, a book of interviews (partly inspired by Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals)
- After a few months’ break, I decided to restart the newsletter, sharing more interviews, real-time updates on the book, and other things for those interested in indie writing

who is this place for?

Anyone who is interested in indie writing - i.e. producing meaningful writing (stories, poetry, non-fiction) and making $ from this thru self-publishing.

Whether you’re already published & making money from your writing, or are just getting started, the indie newsletter exists for you.

My hope is for this to become a valuable + nourishing resource for all varieties of writers and writers-to-be.

Thanks for being here.

I invite you to subscribe below… or, dive right in.

Want to talk? Feel free to DM me on Twitter - @jasraj0 or email jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com.